How to Care For A Velvet Couch

The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining Velvet Couch Clean


Velvet has been a popular choice for sofas for quite a while, and it’s undergone a resurgence in the last few years. Lush and luxurious, velvet is ideal for anyone who wants to add style for their space without the upkeep. Here are a few ideas to maintain your beautiful velvet couch.


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How to maintain velvet sofas clean

Unfortunately, velvet is a notoriously tricky material to keep clean. It’s simply the toughest fabric there is, so you’ll need to be very careful how you manage your sofa. It does not absorb stains like, say, a hardcover or an easy-care fabric. On the contrary, it contrasts with the dirt and grime, so you are going to have to thoroughly remove it. The only problem is that, because it is so tough to eliminate, you don’t want to hurt the fabric in the procedure. If you can’t really get the stain out, it is important to remember that fabric will bounce back to its original color after a few washes. However, if you are really pressed for time, then there are a number of tricks to help save you a few actions. It’s possible, for instance, avoid the mess entirely using a warm water wash.


To get a velvet sofa to appear good, it has to be well cared for. Faded or faded spots are noticeable, and it is more challenging to wash the fabric. 1. Appropriate storage and cleaning Most sofas need to be professionally cleaned before use, so you’ll want to be patient and schedule a deep clean once you require it. The cleaning professionals I employed for the couch were kind enough to package the couch into storage bags, and they sent me a comprehensive report of the exact cleaning that was done on the couch. You can also follow these steps from House Beautiful, for a simple clean: Place a little bit of water in a bowl, let it sit for a few minutes, then pour in the cleaner. Scrub the bottom using a washcloth and a scrubber. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then allow it to dry.

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Tips for caring for velvet sofas

Laundry Velvet has to be washed regularly to maintain its natural beauty, particularly if it has been kept in high humidity. What is a drag is trying to remember to wash velvet when you’re on the move. We recommend separating each one ofthe sofa’s components, whether that’s the couch itself, cushions, or even the bases. Before you do laundry, then wipe down the velvet cushions and throw rugs to eliminate dust and pet hair. Make sure that you don’t just wash it onto a spot on the floor–wash it from top to bottom. Then, simply set your sofas and other furniture from the washer. Once it is finished, simply let it dry. If you take them from the drier, take particular care to inspect them for stains, discolorations, and other potential issues. When there is something wrong, there’s no need to substitute them.


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Removing and cleaning pet hair is tough and can make even the most experienced pet owners frustrated. Velvet is a natural choice for allergy sufferers who don’t want the hassle of cat or dog hair in their furniture. Have a look at our post on how to rid your couch of allergens.

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